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Our Top Mission...

is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

Physical Needs

Casa Hogar provides physical needs such as food, clothes and supplies.

Spiritual Needs

Through God we provide spiritual hope and love to the children of Casa Hogar.

Educational Needs

Casa Hogar provides much-needed education to help children break the cycle of hopelessness.

For 25 Years....

We have been caring for children

The social objective of Odres New Chiapas is to provide a loving home for children who come from situations of total abandonment and abuse or abandon. What we really want to do is help these children, who feel helpless and desolated, to find hope in the love of God.

Our Mission

Since our foundation, our main goal has been to provide a loving ciudado children who are orphaned, abandoned or abused by their families. We provide not only physical needs but also for their spiritual and educational needs.
We want to be a mirror that reflects God’s love for them, and where you can see that they were created in his image, but have fallen and need of salvation that only He can give. It is our desire to lift evangelical Christian citizens and leaders for tomorrow’s world, and they equip them for “good works” which God hath prepared for them.
Education for children …
Includes math, science, reading, music, cultural heritage, vocational training, Bible studies, and English as a second language.

How we help

Care for Abandoned and Abused Children

In our city children who live in total abandonment or in abuse are being rescued by Casa Hogar. These kids are wrestling with hunger, loneliness, fear and hunger. We give them a home and family nurtured by love.

Provide learning and knowledge

Education can break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and provide our kids with a future. We have daily enrichment classes and provide learning for all our kids no matter the age.

Provide Food & Nourishment

Many children come to us hungry and starving. We feed our children and provide as much nourishment as we can to help their growing bodies. But we need help. We need food to sustain the effort.

Healthcare matters

Children are vulnerable to a host of different health issue and we try to address all their needs. We have visiting medical practitioners but we need more support and medical supplies.