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What we do at Casa Hogar...

Provide Shelter

We provide girls and boys quarters for our children so that they may have a safe place to rest and sleep.

Food and Nutrition

Healthy, nutritious food is of the utmost importance to keeping our children growing and thriving. 

Health Services

We provide the best possible health care we can to the children of Hogar. They have many needs and we work tirelessly to get them the medical care they need to become healthy, happy children.


Here at Casa Hogar each child is schooled and has the opportunity to learn. Education is important to our children as it gives them hope and skills for the future.


Playing with friends, making new ones through play is important to the soul. Many of our children have no reason to be happy but through creative play activities we enrich each child’s life and bring them joy.

A Loving Family

Since many of the children are abandoned, Casa Hogar is family. We love them and we are one large family coming together to support each other.